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Have you ever wondered what your passport can do for you? The list of the world’s most powerful passports was released indicating the power of passports from various countries.

Ranking takes into consideration how many countries can be visited without having to apply for a visa.

  • So how good is the New Zealand passport compared to the rest of the world?

At the top of the list, is the German passport scoring the highest position as the World’s most powerful passport in the world, with Sweden’s passport coming in at a close second.

German passport holders have the ability to travel to 177 countries without the need for a visa, out of a possible 218 countries.

The New Zealand passport ranks 7th equal on the list with Greece, with the ability to visit 171 countries without a visa. This includes visa free entry into the 26 Schengen countries that includes sought after travel destinations such as Italy, France, Switzerland, Germany, Greece, the Netherlands, Portugal and Spain to name but a few. If you hold a New Zealand passport, you can also visit the United Kingdom, Jamaica, Japan, and other destinations such as Swaziland and Turkey without a visa.

What is surprising to most, is that the New Zealand passport ranks higher than the Australian passport!

  • How Does This Affect You?

What this means is the New Zealand passport gives you a very wide access to freedom of global travel around the world.

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