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What are the skill band thresholds?

The following table outlines the remuneration and ANZSCO levels associated with each skill band. The mid-skilled remuneration rate of $19.97 per hour equates to $41,538 per year, based on a 40 hour work week.

Remuneration ANZSCO 1-3 ANZSCO 4-5
$35.24+ per hour High High
$19.97 – $35.24 per hour Mid Low
Less than $19.97 per hour Low Low

What visa conditions apply to each skill band level?

The skill band determines the maximum visa length and whether your partner or dependent child(ren) will be able to apply for visas on the basis of their relationship to you.

Note: If your employment contract is for a period of time less than the maximum visa duration, your visa will be valid for the length of your employment contract.

Skill band Maximum visa length Maximum number of visas Eligible to support partner/child visa
Higher-skilled 5 years Unlimited Yes
Mid-skilled 3 years Unlimited Yes
Lower-skilled 1 year Up to 3 years No