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Wellington City Council together with Immigration New Zealand are offering 100 tech specialists a paid 4-days trip to Wellington to meet up with leading innovative tech companies developing leading edge solutions and exporting them to the world.

It’ll be four days of pre-arranged job interviews, meet-ups and exploration, with all flights and accommodation paid for. At the end of the week there’ll be offers to jobs you never knew existed in a place with a lifestyle you never thought possible.

Travel Date – 8-11 May 2017

Register before 20 March 2017

Leading edge technology, companies and people matched with a lifestyle that’s the envy of most cities around the world creates a unique and energetic city that’s a joy to live and work in. Collaborative, innovative, accessible, easy-going, accepting and full of energy, working in Wellington can not only enhance your career, but how you live your life as well.

How it all works

The LookSee process is designed to help make it as easy as possible for you to get from where you are to your first day of work in your new job in Wellington.

Each stage is carefully developed to ensure that the right people are being matched to the right potential job opportunities and to take away many of the hurdles that could otherwise get in the way of an amazing career move to Wellington, New Zealand.



1. Register your interest to join Looksee Wellington


2. Create your profile


3. Get discovered by Wellington employers


4. Employers nominate their chosen candidates


5. Candidates with highest nominations are selected to fly to Wellington


6. Travel details and itineraries are confirmed


7. Candidates fly to Wellington and meet with employers


8. Job offers made to successful candidates


9. Move to Wellington!



More details may be found HERE

LookSee Wellington FAQs
  1. What type of tech talent is needed?
    Our tech industry is flying along and we specifically need more mid-senior tech people. We are looking to full roles such as DevOps Engineers, Developers (Javascript, iOS, .Net, Front end, Android, PHP, Rails), Integrations Specialists, Test Analysts, IP Network Engineers, Systems Administrators) and more.Unfortunately for this specific campaign, we are not looking for non-tech candidates.


  2. How much will LookSee Wellington cost me?
    The costs of flights to and from your nearest major international airport and Wellington, New Zealand are paid for. Pick up and return from Wellington Airport and your hotel in Wellington is paid for. Your hotel accommodation in Wellington is paid for (not including in-room expenses). So, you’ll need enough money to cover food, beverages and entertainment expenses.
  3. Is travel insurance paid for?
    No, you will need to arrange this yourself.
  4. Do I need to apply for a visa before arriving in New Zealand?
    Some countries have a visa waiver agreement in place with New Zealand, others do not. To find out whether a visa will be necessary visit the Immigration New Zealand website.If you qualify under the visa waiver agreement you will be issued a visa upon arrival. If you do not qualify under the visa waiver agreement you will need to apply. You need to advise us as soon as you have lodged your application so that we can inform Immigration New Zealand. Because you’d be coming as part of the LookSee Wellington initiative they will do their best to expedite issuing a visa.

    Typically a visa can take up to 25 days to process, so we’d encourage you to apply immediately should you receive an invitation to attend LookSee Wellington with the aim of having a visa confirmed ASAP.

  5. Who’s behind LookSee Wellington – can I trust that this is for real?
    The LookSee Wellington campaign is a partnership between the Wellington Regional Economic Development Agency (WREDA) and Workhere New Zealand a private sector business specialising in global recruitment marketing. Immigration New Zealand, a part of the New Zealand Government and NZ Tech, a major tech industry association are also supporting the project. So yes, you can trust that this is for real!
  6. Can I bring my partner?
    Yes, you are welcome to bring your partner, but you will need to pay for his/her travel independently. If you let us know, our travel agency can manage the bookings for you. Of course, the hotel room will be able to accommodate you both without additional cost.
  7. I have a spouse and children – would they be able to join me in Wellington if I was to accept a job offer?
    That would be the plan. There are health and character protocols and immigration requirements to be met, but a job offer in New Zealand to a foreign national is almost always extended on the basis that partners and dependents would also be coming.
  8. Can I arrive earlier or leave later, i.e. extend my visit in New Zealand?
    LookSee Wellington is a business-related trip for one week for the purposes of meeting potential employers in Wellington requiring everyone (the 100 selected candidates) to enter and exit the country at the same time. Unfortunately, you must arrange a separate trip if you wish to see more of the country on a visitor’s visa.
  9. Can I come for just part of the week?
    No, in addition to the job interviews there are other important events and people we’d like you to meet here in Wellington.
  10. Can I come on a different date and meet employers independently?
    Yes of course that is always possible, but we wouldn’t be able to pay for the travel and accommodation costs unless you come as part of the official LookSee Wellington week.
  11. Which airline will I be flying?
    That depends on where you’re coming from. Details of travel and accommodation arrangements will be provided by our travel agent.
  12. Will somebody meet me when I arrive in Wellington?
    Yes, we’ll have someone meet you on arrival and deliver you safely to your hotel. You’ll be well looked after!
  13. Where will I stay in Wellington?
    We’ve pre-booked hotel accommodation for the 100 Lookseers (and their partners if they’re coming along too). Details will be provided by our travel agent.
  14. Can I upgrade my accommodation?
    If you wish to do it would need to be organised between you and the hotel, and would be at your cost. The room will be of a high standard.
  15. What is expected of me while I’m in Wellington?
    It is essential that you meet all the employers that have expressed an interest in interviewing you and genuinely assess what they offer as a potential employer. There will be a small number of other events that we would strongly recommend you attend as they are designed to help you find out important information about immigration, relocation and settlement in Wellington. And then there’ll be social and optional events that we’d encourage you to participate in to make the most of your time in the city and to get a feel for what it’d be like to live here. But there’ll also be plenty of time to roam and do your own thing – we want you to have a genuine ‘looksee’ for yourself.
  16. What does the LookSee programme involve?
    The programme involves you registering your interest, answering some questions, and uploading your CV. You may then be invited to complete a video interview. Participating employers will be able to view your profile (the information you’ve provided). They may wish to then contact you directly to assess you further. The employers are then able to ‘nominate’ you, essentially saying that they’d like you to win one of the one hundred spots available so that they could meet you in person in Wellington. The more nominations you receive the more likely you are to win an invitation to attend LookSee Wellington week.
  17. What factors might knock me out of contention?
    The number of employer nominations you receive will have a big impact. There are other factors too that are important – Immigration have character and health criteria, and of course your ability to attend the LookSee week and potential to relocate will also be important.
  18. If I’m selected to come to LookSee Wellington week how many job interviews will I have?
    We expect that you’ll have at least three job interviews, possibly more.
  19. Am I guaranteed to receive a job offer?
    No, ultimately it is still up to the employers you meet to decide whether they’d like to employ you.
  20. If I’m offered a job or jobs am I under any obligation to accept?
    There is no obligation. We hope you do receive offer(s) and that the opportunity to move to Wellington is highly attractive to you. The time you’ll be afforded to consider offers is between you and the employer.
  21. If I accept an offer can I just decide to stay on or do I have to go home first?
    You must return home first as staying on will raise complexities with your visa status that are best avoided. Even if you enter New Zealand on a working holiday visa, you will need to get some immediate advice on changing your visa before taking up a permanent job.
  22. Who will have access to my profile?
    By participating your profile may be published on to the employer portal so that employers can view this information and cast nominations to meet with you in person. Your profile will also be accessible by WREDA and Workhere New Zealand and other businesses interested in providing products and services that are useful to people emigrating to New Zealand. Your information will not be made available to any party not directly involved in the LookSee Wellington programme.
  23. Is there any way that my current employer could find out that I’m interested in pursuing this opportunity?
    No. We will not be contacting your current employer unless specifically invited to do so by you by way of a reference check.
  24. Will employers want to engage with me directly before coming to Wellington?
    Yes, this is possible. They may wish to talk with you or ask you to complete a technical test before they cast a nomination to meet with you.
  25. If I’m not selected to come on LookSee Wellington week what happens then?
    If you’re not selected, you are still free to continue to assess opportunities with any companies that are interested in you. Hopefully you’ll still secure a job offer(s)
  26. How does the cost of living compare to other parts of the world?
    A good site to compare the cost of living and quality of life between various parts of the world is Numbeo. 
  27. I accept a job offer is there any assistance with relocation and settlement in Wellington?
    This will depend on the company extending the job offer.
  28. What else is there to do in Wellington?
    Loads! Wellington is famously labelled “the coolest little capital in the world”, and is known for its buzzing coffee and craft beer, active outdoor lifestyle, and vibrant arts scene. Discover more about Wellington.
  29. How safe is it going out at night in Wellington?
    Relative to other places Wellington is a very safe city at night, but we still encourage you to be sensible and prudent. Street crime is very rare in Wellington.
  30. Is this offer open to people already living in New Zealand but not in Wellington?

Keen to know more? Get in touch or register now.