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The benefits of the transfer are to enable applications to be allocated and processed in a timely manner and to address the high demand of visa applications by using surplus capacity in our offshore sites.

Currently Immigration New Zealand (INZ) is experiencing a high demand for temporary visa applications received in New Zealand and has made an operational decision to distribute a number of applications across our global footprint to ensure applications can be allocated and processed as quickly as possible by utilising our global processing capacity. The ability for applicants to apply online means that we can easily transfer work to where INZ has the available resources.

For the short term, this will mean that the office where your application was first allocated to, may not be the office that makes the final decision. Offices onshore that are transferring work, have partnered with the receiving office offshore to ensure consistency of process and escalation of any issues. The process of transferring work commenced on the 21 May 2017 and will be reviewed at the end of June 2017.

In summary:

• Online student visa applications submitted in NZ will be transferred to INZ Mumbai Area Office for processing.

• All paper post study work visas (WD1 & WD2) will be processed in Palmerston North Area Office

• Online visitor and work visa applications will be processed in China and some applications that are represented by Licensed Immigration Advisers will be processed in our other onshore processing hubs.

The relationships with the NZ Education industry will continue to be managed by Palmerston North Area Office and the relationships with Licensed Immigration Advisers will continue to be managed by Henderson Area Office.