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My passion for further studies brought me to NZ with a mix of minute knowledge on residency. After completing my studies and by God’s grace I moved to wellington for a job opportunity. In the first week of my move to welly I visited 20 advisors including lawyers to give me insight on the process of residency and what I will be facing. One thing I noticed was that advisors were willing to guide me only but in terms of filling the actual paperwork, they were in turn encouraging me. The only thing that was circling in my mind was that I am paying so much but the output is that, basically I am doing all the hard work.

At that point, I decided to leave residency forms in the hands of a trusted advisor. I still remember that I searched whole immigration market for 2-3 weeks for the sake of finding a trusted advisor. It was during this time period that I entered jig’s office “Immigration Centre”. When I met Jignesh (Jig) for the first time the most astonishing part was that he explained whole residency process to me with such passion towards his work and in depth which took 1 and half hour. As I have travelled to various countries there was extra paper work required (can’t leak everything cause I am not an advisor so GO AND ASK JIG) but he was willing to take ownership of everything, from filling EOI to residency sticker in passport. It was at the point that I realized that these are the trusted hands that I was looking for.

After that day Jig always notified me on what forms to bring and submit. He notified me of every single paperwork required in due course. It’s amazing that with so many other clients in hand still Jig is prompt in replying to emails and answering calls.

The best part is that he has divided his work in such a way that bits and pieces can be dealt by his team so that he would only bother in his speciality. This is why due to his hard work and dedication, I only had to worry about my own job. Of course there was my own work in terms of getting the papers filled by my employer, as that is something that no one can do for you but it’s the co-ordination between you and advisor which matters. In this case I have to admire Jig for guiding me at every step so that there was no doubt at the end result.

While applying there were many questions in my mind that were boggling me, as its typical human nature that when getting a third person involved in your matters you would demand clarification at every single step. So compared to other advisors whom I tried to seek advice from, Jig’s vast knowledge on various immigration matters is also commendable.

Today when he gave me the good news that my application has been approved for residency, I gave a pat on my back for making the right decision in approaching Jig. At this point I am speechless in thanking him because there’s a lot of work in the background which he spent time upon before lodging my application. Even though I can only say thanks but his simplicity in accepting it is itself a mark on his honest and dignified nature.

No matter how simple a path seems but from childhood I have always been taught to seek advice from knowledgeable people. At this point even though if any of you are seeking help then I would advise you to approach Jig before making situations more complicated for yourself. Even though he has the ability to turn tables around but why to jeopardize your future when he can deal with all your hassles.