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After 5 months we realized that our Immigration Officer had already decided to DECLINE our application! He was just playing with us using so many policies. Then we met 5 advisers for help and got nothing from there. 3 of them said they could’t do anything in this situation and other two said to us its impossible for the application to be approved. We were totally hopeless but I gave one more try and found Jignesh, I told him everything and he agreed to work on our application. Guess What.. We did’t even need to do anything and got WORK VISA just in 2 WEEKS. We could’t believe it because we received the last letter from our Visa Officer stating his decision “Not Approved”. In my opinion, I don’t think so any other Adviser or Advocate in all over New Zealand could change an application from DECLINED to APPROVED. Thanks Jig to do that much for us and give us so many options for future. You are the BEST