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Jignesh is the first person in Wellington I have met, who has very clear practical knowledge about his profession. I don’t know what was my position with immigration in sorting my Visa. I was extremely confused and couldn’t  figure things out. I tried couple of immigration consultants, but no one gave me hope. And then I called Jig, in the first instance he was so polite and he was able to understand what is going with me. Within 15 minutes I was in his office talking about my visa, and he made the time for me.

He was absolutely clear in his words and explained what were my options, ways and resources to opt. One main thing I respect in him is that he never says NO. He is never unavailable. You will definitely get a reply; either a call or a mail. He will respond. I am sure he is the best Consultant in Wellington. And I would Love to refer him and his services to the immigrants who need TRUE HELP in ALL THE TIMES. THANKS Jignesh.