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Simranpreet came to New Zealand to study a Postgraduate Diploma in Business Enterprise and after completing her course she found a job as an Assistant Manager in a service station. Simranpreet thought this position was suitable to secure her a new visa for 2 years, however INZ did not agreeas they believed this job was not relevant to her studies. She came to see us after she having her work visa applications declined twice. We advised her to get a new job offer which would meet the requirements of INZ. She followed this advice and we assisted her to lodge a new application and pointed out to INZ the ways in which this job was relevant to her management qualification and how it could lead her to becoming a NZ resident. This was accepted by INZ and she was given a two year work visa to work in this role. Simranpreet now has sufficient points to qualify for residence as a skilled migrant thanks to her qualifications, job offer and work experience.