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Sanil came to New Zealand in 2007 and has been working as a bus driver since that time. Bus Drivers were in demand in New Zealand at the time, so he has had continuous employment at a reasonable salary. His family comprising his wife and three children joined him soon. After four years of working in New Zealand, his visa was refused since Immigration decided that Bus Drivers were no longer in demand and that New Zealand workers were available. His children finished school in New Zealand and are now at University where he has been paying the expensive international fees for them. Sanil came to see us and we immediately made an appeal under a special section of Immigration laws enabling Immigration New Zealand to use their discretion to restore a client onto a valid visa in deserving cases. This was not easy as we could not change the fact that this position is no longer considered to be ‘in demand’ in New Zealand. So we had to point to the fact that Sanil had been here for so long and had made NZ his home and had invested significantly into his childrens’ education and their future here. This appeal was successful and he is now back on a work visa and is now on target to achieving residence for himself and his family in New Zealand.