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Recently Immigration New Zealand announced that Student Visa Decline Rates for Indian applicants have reached over 50%. Want to know more about this problem and what can be done about it? Then read on…

The Problem

India is now New Zealand’s second-largest and fastest-growing international student source country (after China). However, Student Visa approvals for Indians – at 49 per cent – is the lowest among the main international student markets.

This table says it all:

Indian international students (10 months to April 2016)
20,887 – Applied for student visas
10,863 – Declined
9190 – Declined applications were by unlicensed agents and advisers


The important point to note here is that of those declined applications; around 90% were from unlicensed immigration advisers. The reason for that is that offshore advisers in India do not yet have to be licensed. So what is happening is that a lot of con artists and scammers are presenting themselves as advisers and telling students they can get a visa. Many are giving false promises or guarantees that sound to good to be true – because they are.

Even worse, according to Immigration New Zealand a large percentage of the applications lodged by India based advisers included fraudulent information. This includes using faked supporting finances, forged documents and even use of imposters (identity fraud). Since 2010, 1248 Indian nationals were either deported or left voluntarily as a result of fraud.

The reason for this widespread fraud is that showing adequate funds and educational history is the major problem that most students face when applying to come to New Zealand. However, there is no need to resort to fraud as these problems can be overcome legally.

The Solution

This is pretty simple. Use an IAA Licensed Immigration Adviser like those at Immigration Centre and advise any friends or family in India to do the same. We have years of experience in legally getting over the hurdles created by Immigration New Zealand and so we can assist you to get the paperwork in order. We understand the requirements and the process and can advise you on the best approach for a successful study and post-study career in New Zealand.

For a free personalised student visa consultation fill in an online survey or make an appointment to talk to us today.

Until Next Time

Jig Patel
Managing Director
Immigration Centre