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Sid Vyas

IT Manager | BCA, DIC

One of our first employees, Sid Vyas is the force behind keeping the Immigration Centre in ship-sharp order. Constantly bringing his knowledge and talents to the table, Sid ensures the company’s organisation is contributing to its success. His own personal experience of emigrating from India to New Zealand in 2011 makes him a valuable addition to Immigration Centre.

With a degree in IT, Sid ensures all the computer systems are operating to the highest level and the latest technology is being used to develop and ensure the best and simplest process within the company. His role is vital in ensuring that everything is managed adequately, the IT systems are updated and working efficiently and that the forms are prepared correctly.

Having been approached by Senior Immigration Consultant, in regards to an IT project, Senior Immigration Consultant noticed potential in Sid and decided to mould his skills to benefit his business. Splitting his talents between administration and IT, Sid continues to grow within the workplace as he assists with marketing developments and inflation objectives. With the desire to expand his role, Sid looks to implement his growing knowledge of Immigration with a licence to become a qualified Immigration adviser. This opportunity will allow the already valuable Sid to become exceptional and to apply his knowledge more vigorously.

Immigration Centre has been the place for Sid to hone his skills and better himself. Accompanying flexible hours, great income and a job that suits him, Sid has everything he needs at Immigration Centre and the team to support and help him. With the talented Senior Immigration Consultant and other staff by his side the Immigration team are a five star working force making sure your immigration is a success. This tight knit community developed within the workspace make the job even more desirable and enjoyable for Sid. Sid Vyas is a permanent figure whose constant professionalism, dedication and desire to get involved in news things make him a valuable extension to Immigration Centre.