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The good thing about statistics is that it shows us retrospectively how the numbers are changing and the figures for the last three years paint a very clear picture:





Restaurant or Café Managers446 approved 85 declined

291 approved 119 declined

449 approved 194 declined

Retail Managers 462 approved 71 declined

412 approved 166 declined

433 approved 327 declined


The growing number of decline decisions is a concerning trend for applicant and advisers who process these types of applications. However, here at Immigration Centre even franchise store managers are getting their Resident Visas. If you are in a similar situation – give us a call on 04-934-9533 to discuss your immigration matters.


Remember, if you have received a letter from INZ about your visa application or think your visa may be declined or expire soon – the time to act is NOW. Call us on 0800 967 584 to you’re your FREE consultation. Our service is strictly confidential and we can guide you to take the right steps to avoid mistakes and put forward a strong case.

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Jig Patel