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Can I get Residence without a job offer?

This is a question we get a lot here at Immigration Centre. The short answer is – Yes.

However it is much more complicated than that as only certain people will qualify for enough points on their EOI without a job offer.

All EOI’s claiming over 140 points are automatically selected from the pool and invited to apply for residence. However, all EOI’s with over 120 points and including a New Zealand job offer are also selected from the pool. This means that, if you do not have a NZ job offer then you must get over 140 points.

In order to make sure you qualify for 140 points there are certain things you can do:

You can get a very high qualification

A level 9 or Post Graduate qualification is worth more points than a low level 5 qualification.

You can study in NZ

This will give you bonus points. Especially if you study a course in New Zealand of over 2 years or a postgraduate qualification.

You can get a lot of work experience.

The more experience you have, the more it is worth. However, this experience is only valid for points if it is experience either in a multinational chain or in a labour market such as NZ or other selected ‘developed nations’).

You can study and work in one of the skills shortage areas

If your degree and experience are in an area of skills in demand in New Zealand you get extra bonus points. It also means you are more likely to get a job offer anyway. Talk to us about which areas of skills are included.

You can include your partner’s qualifications or experience

If your partner has a degree or work experience, this can get you extra points on your EOI.


There are other things you can do in order to boost your points claimable on the EOI. If you want to know more and want us to look into your case then contact us at Immigration Centre to conduct a full assessment of your points and advise you on a suitable immigration pathway.

Until next Time,

Jig Patel

Managing director