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This recent article discusses a 24 year old Indian man who has just received residence through a partnership with a 61 year old New Zealand woman. This proves that relationships truly do come in all different shapes and sizes and that it is possible to convince INZ that your relationship is genuine even if it is a bit out of the ordinary. This love story has a happy ending as Immigration New Zealand were eventually (after 3 years of applications and appeals) convinced that the relationship was a genuine one and granted residence to the applicant despite the age gap of nearly 40 years.

It is well known that one way of achieving residence is through a relationship with a New Zealand Citizen, resident or work visa holder. However, not so many people understand exactly how you can qualify.

Immigration New Zealand has a test to assess whether a relationship is ‘genuine and stable’. This is a complicated test and involves many factors and usually requires a great amount of evidence to convince the department. It is amazing how many genuine partnership applications are declined simply due to a lack of evidence about the relationship. The onus is on you as an applicant to prove that this relationship is genuine.

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