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Recruitment Services

For people who are looking for a job or looking to hire someone in New Zealand
There are a number of factors you need to take into consideration when looking for work either from offshore or in NZ. You have less than a minute, to make a truly remarkable impact on someone, which is a short window of opportunity, to make you the very best candidate for the Employer or Recruiter looking to fill the position. CV & Cover Letters:
  • Your CV and Cover Letter is possibly the most critical documents, impacting your success in the New Zealand job market. they must demonstrate how truly unique you are and that you are the right candidate to fit into the team culture and environment by meeting the needs of the employer.
  • CV and Cover letter packages start at $150.00 + GST.
The Bronze package includes: Professional CV and Cover Letter Services Consist of:
  1. Professional CV and Cover Letter
  2. Delivery 3 – 4 Working Business Days
  3. Condition: the above package is based on the client, providing us their most recent CV, and it includes one draft review by the client before we send the final version. All correspondence is conducted via email. Payment is required upfront. Credit card payment incurs a 3% surcharge.
If you wish to see our other services, please send a request through to us. CV Evaluations:
  • Our team is determined and committed to helping clients demonstrate how truly unique they are. When the client sends their most recent CV to us for an evaluation, our expert Consultants will provide them with a professional opinion and further recommendations regarding their CV in the New Zealand and, or Australian job markets.
  • We will give our clients our honest and constructive feedback on how to improve their existing CV and how to avoid ATS (Applicant Tracking Systems) or Spider Crawlers on job sites. We also coach our clients on how to use their CV and Cover Letter to benefit them and how we can assist them in their job search. We respond with a detailed evaluation within two business days of receiving the CV.
Job board & LinkedIn Profiles:
  • Profiles are central to modern networking, hiring, and recruiting practices. Successfully optimising your job seeker profile means cultivating a professional online persona that is easily found by employers searching for your skills or experience.
  • Job Sites and LinkedIn are online work and social networks dedicated to professional networking and communication. A user’s profile page is similar to an online resume. Users can share their contact information, career summary, complete work history, professional skills, formal education details, and more.
  • LinkedIn is primarily used to network with professional connections but has evolved into a job search platform. Recruiters and possible Employers use the site for their open positions, and job applicants browse available vacancies. Job Sites are used for applying to potential employers, but these sites have evolved into job search platforms. Recruiters and Employers use Job Sites to look for candidates for vacancies and where job applicants can browse for available positions.
  • Navigating through these sites and creating a good job, seeker profile can be daunting. Jobseeker profiles are central to modern networking, hiring, and recruiting practices. Successfully optimising your jobseeker profile means cultivating a professional online persona that is easily found by recruiters searching for your skills or experience. 94% of recruiters use these sites to source or vet job candidates. To be able to rank highly in an Employer’s search, your jobseeker profile should be optimised with both technology and recruiter tendencies in mind.
To learn more about how we can optimise your profile online, send us a request below. Job Search – yes, we can search for a job for you! Our team is determined and committed to helping you find the right role for you by showing you how truly unique you are. The Eloquence team will source jobs and apply directly to them for you. We understand that life can become hectic, and putting aside a few hours every day to look for vacancies that suit you can be daunting and, at times, impossible even. We offer a variety of options when it comes to looking for work for our clients. We work hand in hand with you, ensuring that we fit the client to the vacancy where you will be the best fit. We ask our clients for a list of companies that they would like to see and introduce themselves to prospective employers on their job seeker journey. If you don’t have a list, no need to worry; we have an experienced Recruitment team standing at your ready. And we will also organise a Visa for you and your family. Relocating to NZ On an offer of employment and approved documents to lawfully work in either New Zealand or Australia, we also offer soft landing packages that will ensure that you and your family settle in your new Country relatively fast and easy. Extra costs incurred for accommodation, travel expenses, and rentals are for the client’s own expense. We assist in making all the necessary arrangements for bookings for accommodations, travels in the destination country of choice. We arrange for meetings accordingly to meet and greet prospective employers for our clients. This is dependent on the receipt of a valid visa for the destination country. Recruitment The Immigration Centre recruitment team can help you find your ideal candidate.
  1. We will advertise and market the vacancy received both Locally and Nationally, including the Immigration Centre Facebook page, and website,
  2. We will post on all popular job sites; an advertisement package will be quoted.
  3. Vet the applications; we will sift through requests sent via job sites, and we will also look through our database for worthy candidates for the role,
  4. W will choose the top 10 candidates for the position that will be the best possible match for the vacancy.
  5. We offer the additional service, of psychometric testing for the candidates,
  6. The top 3, 4, 5 or 6 candidates will be interviewed by two of our Recruitment Consultants online. We have a list of extensive interview questions that we use in interviews.
  7. All this information will be provided to the client, and from there, you can make an informed decision.
  8. Should you need assistance with HR related matters, such as making up an employment contract, we can help.
We are proud to be an HR Assured business partner. HR Assured: Human Resource Consulting software HR Assured is people management & HR solution that benefits your entire business keeping you compliant, streamlined & protected. HR Assured sprang from the mind of Campbell Fisher, Managing Partner & Solicitor Director of FCB Group. Seeing foreign-owned companies entering the Australian HR space with questionable marketing practices and services, Campbell saw the need for an ethical alternative: a complete, locally-owned-and-supported HR service backed by technology, innovation, and the serious legal clout of an in-house specialist law firm. Just some of what you get when you sign up.
  1. HR Audit: You’ll get a detailed compliance review of your business to identify your risks. Then we’ll help you fix any problems,
  2. Telephone Advisory Service (TAS): You’ll have access to free and unlimited telephone support to answer your questions and prepare customised documents and emails, 24/7, 365 days a year,
  3. HR Software: We’ll set you up with HRA Cloud – a dynamic cloud-based information and management system powered by award-winning technology
  4. Insurance & Representation: You’ll get peace of mind if something goes wrong in your workplace.
  5. Health and Safety: You’ll have a safer workplace, with best-practice H&S management and monitoring that engages your employees, plus on-the-spot incident and hazard reporting
  6. A Library of Resources: We’ll arm you with hundreds of documents, templates, agreements, workflows, and policies backed by leading employment law firm, LangtonHudsonButcher
All for a simple monthly subscription fee and set-up costs. To learn more, please complete the online form below.

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