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Are you from Fiji, Kiribati, Tuvalu or Tonga? Register now to get your New Zealand Visa! Applications will close on 30 April.

To register for the Pacific Access Category (PAC) the principal registrant (the person who signs the registration form and the person who would be the principal applicant if invited to apply for residence) must:

  • be a citizen of one of the PAC countries – Fiji, Kiribati, Tuvalu or Tonga; and
  • have been born in their PAC country, or born overseas to a PAC country citizen who was born in that PAC country; and
  • register for the ballot for their PAC country’s quota within the official registration period; and
  • be aged 18 to 45 years at the registration closing date.

Note: If you are in New Zealand you must be in New Zealand lawfully to register.

How do I register?

Along with your completed and signed Pacific Access Category Registration Form (INZ 1092) PDFalso include a photocopy of your birth certificate, and a photocopy of your partner’s and dependent children’s birth certificates who are included in your registration form. You should also include the date of birth of each immediate family member included in your registration form.


The PAC ballot the registration fee is NZ$70.00. If you have registered before in any previous year, you only need to pay a re-registration fee of NZ$30.00. These fees are not refundable if your registration is unsuccessful in the ballot. An additional fee may be payable if you apply through a visa application centre.


Your registration form must be received by Immigration New Zealand no later than 30 April or it cannot be accepted.


Remember, if you have received a letter from INZ about your visa application or think your visa may be declined or expire soon – the time to act is NOW. Call us on 0800 967 584 to you’re your FREE consultation. Our service is strictly confidential and we can guide you to take the right steps to avoid mistakes and put forward a strong case.

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