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Looking for some good news to kick up your day up a notch? Look no further! Immigration Centre’s July 4th arrival is one of the hottest topics sweeping New Zealand’s largest city and you’re about to be in the know!

Are you ready for incredible value, world-class service and a team that wins, all dropped into a convenient new location? Sure you are! Aucklanders called and we heard. With a team of energetic young guns and experienced immigration advisers, we’ve got the key to your future in our pocket and we’re bringing it to your doorstep.

Pretty nice of us, huh?

But wait-its gets better. Because we have the best team of advisers, legal officers and educators around, we offer full-service immigration assistance and get you what you need – RESULTS! Tired of being bullied by INZ, ignored by your current adviser or frustrated because you don’t know where to turn? Give us a go – Your first appointment is free*!

Want more? Sure you do! How about opening day specials so crazy they’ll send shockwaves throughout the community? FREE visas? FREE Tickets to a hot concert? Swag? Done, done and done.

Time to get excited and tell everyone you know the great news (Trust us, they’ll thank you and maybe even buy you lunch-P.S. You’re welcome).

Keep a close eye on this page for more info and updates. If you just can’t wait (we know you), click HERE to check out our hot new webpage or connect to us on Facebook.

Awesome Opening Day Specials Coming Soon! See, told you we’d give you good news.

Your Immigration Centre Team.