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Kade Cory-Wright

Legal Officer | LLB

Kade graduated from Otago Law School in 2017 and joined our team the next year. After 5 years in the deep south, he went on an expedition throughout southern Asia before landing back in Wellington to take on immigration. Kade soaked up experience under the tutelage of Yana and Jig and is now tirelessly working for clients as our newest legal officer. It doesn’t matter what your problem is, Kade will find the answer.

As an avid sports fan, Kade will often be found watching or playing a variety of sports in and around Wellington. If you see him on the court or the field on a Saturday afternoon, give him a wave! He is known to get a little competitive at times, that was surely the case when Sid crashed out of the annual sack race around the office after some controversial contact with Kade. But that drive to succeed and be better than the rest has repeatedly come in handy for clients who need that extra edge which Kade is always determined to provide.

Kade was always familiar with immigration law at university, helping start and taking on the role of treasurer for a former-refugee advocacy group in Dunedin specialising in family reunification cases. Starting a new enterprise is always tough, but with a core of passionate people, Kade and his team advocated for dozens of families and created a support foundation for former-refugee families in the Otago region.

Having settled into Wellington, Kade is eagerly looking forward to the career ahead of him. He has a strong desire to help people and immigration is just the right place to use his skills to help make New Zealand a better place. Kade is driven, ambitious and ready to take on any challenge the world has to throw at him.