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Jiang (Jack) Wu

National Advisory Manager/Licensed Immigration Adviser

Born and grew up in China, Jack started his life in New Zealand as a student at Massey University in 2002. After obtaining a bachelor’s degree in business majoring in Economics, he has had extensive experience working in leading organizations across different industries. Jack has held several positions throughout his career, including multi-award-winning broker of the world’s largest trade & exchange company, the Asian department leader of New Zealand’s top home ventilation firm and the national account manager of Australia and New Zealand’s leading charity fundraising agency.

As a migrant himself, Jack values his experience dealing with immigration and is always keen to help new migrants. In 2015, he went through formal study towards a graduate certificate in NZ immigration advice before becoming a fully licensed immigration adviser in the following year. Jack speaks fluent Chinese Mandarin and English. Apart from spending most of his life in China and New Zealand, he has also lived in Malaysia for three years. So far, he has worked with people from over 40 different countries. Over the years he has developed a deep understanding of cultural differences when facing clients from all over the world.