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In summary INZ has just announced they will increase fees by 8.3% across the board from 1 December 2015.

However, Visitors, Student and certain Work visas lodged ‘Online’ will not increase in fees.

This makes it especially attractive to lodge your applications online.

However, online applications are not as easy as they sound – in fact it can be even easier for you to make a mistake in an online application as you do not have as much ability to check details.

This could result in the application being declined or at least delayed.

At Immigration Centre we are right on top of the new technology involved and are leading the way in assisting clients with online applications. Remember, the evidence you need to provide and the case you make to support your application is the same whether online or paper is used. That is where we come in – we make the complex process simple.

Talk to us about assisting with your online application today.

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Jig Patel