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Immigration New Zealand are changing their application fees and levies, from next week.

Summary of changes:

New fees and levies for major immigration categories are as follows:


Visa Current immigration costs

(applicants in NZ)

New immigration costs

(applicants in NZ)

Skilled Migrant Category $2,470 $2,710
Partner of a New Zealander Resident Visa $1,250 $1,480
Essential Skills Work Visa (online) $318 $495
Fee Paying Student Visa (online only, ProviderDirect may differ) $277 $275
Visitor visa (online) $184 $211
Working Holiday Visa $208 $245

Further details can be found at

INZ will update the information on its website once they take effect on 5 November: (Fees for overseas applicants will be available there).

Applications received by INZ before November 5

The fee and levy applicants pay is based on when INZ receives the application.

Background to the changes

The fees and levies review that took place earlier in the year and were written about in our previous post. 

Here is an overview:

  • Immigration levy and visa fees are periodically reviewed to ensure cost recovery levels are appropriate and that the memorandum account tracks to a zero balance over the medium term.
  • This review was timely as there had not been a review since 2015.
  • Since the 2015 review, the operating context and the costs involved in maintaining an effective immigration system continued to evolve, with increasing traveller flows, and a growing focus on risk, compliance and verification, as well as the continuous improvements Immigration New Zealand (INZ) is making to our operating model.
  • This year’s review included a public consultation component for the first time, from 11 June to 15 July 2018.
  • The proposed adjustments to fees and levies were set to address over- and under-recoveries that emerged over time. Increases were also proposed to meet the general cost pressures facing the immigration system, and to manage growing border risks.
  • The fees and levy information has been available on the immigration website here since 1 October.


Source: Immigration New Zealand