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Indian students are facing deportation and deportation letters are now being sent every day as Immigration New Zealand is cracking down on rogue overseas education agents. Described as the tip of the iceberg, an estimated 150 Indian students are currently in danger of being kicked out of New Zealand because their supporting visa documents were found to have been forged without their knowledge by immigration consultants in India. The dreams of these Indian students are being shattered as INZ is not backing down. And more investigations are on the way!

How did this happen?

New Zealand has become an attractive destination for young Indians to come and study. Over the last few years, Indian students here have rapidly grown in number. In fact, the number of international students from India surged from about 12,000 to more than 20,000 between 2013 and 2014.

Many students with a dream of pursuing education and making a contribution to the economy are now facing deportation after spending hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Sadly, this has led some disreputable, unlicensed “immigration consultants” in India to exploit this opportunity. They’ve been caught providing fraudulent documents to INZ in order to send as many students as they could overseas to generate profit for themselves regardless of the consequences. As thousands of Indian students poured in to NZ, tougher screening process were put in place which led to the shocking discovery of large-scale fraud. INZ found that many Indian students who are currently residing in NZ have managed to acquire visas through deceptively altered documents such as financial records, English-language requirements, medical certificates and more.

Have you been affected?

So, are you an Indian student who has received a deportation letter, or in fear of receiving one and do not know what to do? Don’t panic! You have been a victim of rogue agents just like hundreds of other students. We understand that you have spent thousands of dollars to be here and you would like to continue living here legally.

So, what is the solution?

Remember that international education in New Zealand is a $3.3-billion-dollar industry and it is the country’s fifth largest export earner, according to Statistics NZ. The New Zealand Government is still trying to attract even more international students and increase the sector’s value to $5 billion. Basically, the message from Education New Zealand is that we want more international students.

So, the good news is that you are wanted in this country. However, you need to do things the right way and get your situation sorted if you’ve cut corners. Here at Immigration Centre we have a renowned reputation and in-depth knowledge within the area of immigration law in NZ.

Our experienced and dedicated team work exceptionally well to help people just like you.

We understand that immigration process is complicated and that is why we pride ourselves handling the tough stuff, leaving you free to concentrate on achieving success. To make sure your visa is granted, our team will help prepare your application and give you all necessary advice that you need.

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