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Around 150 students from India are facing deportation after it was discovered the agencies that brought them to New Zealand had faked financial information on their student visa applications.

Nine students, who had been studying in Auckland, have been served with deportation notices because their India-based agent used fake documents to get them into the country. The students got their student visas through an education agent based in India, who submitted fraudulent documents on their behalf. The students had no idea fake documents were used, and deporting them for something that was not their fault was wrong, he said. The students had each spent about $30,000 on their studies and were about to graduate.

Around 40 protesters marched to the electorate office of Mount Roskill MP Parmjeet Parmar, and called on her to represent the Indian community and take a stand on student deportation. Organisers of the protest said the students, who paid tens of thousands of dollars to attend courses in New Zealand, were the real victims of fraud and should not be punished because of it.

They said the government should overturn their deportation, and allow them to complete their courses.

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