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What services have already been launched under Immigration New Zealand’s new technology platform Immigration ONLINE?

May 2013 marked ‘go live’ of the first Immigration ONLINE ‘product’ – Visa Options Check (VOC). This online tool enables users to check which visa type they may be eligible for, has performed well since its launch, and is being well-used. Apply Online – started in August 2014 with online applications for student visas. The new service allows students to apply, pay fees and upload documents online.

eMedical, the new health processing system to replace INZ’s paper-based medical certificates, was first launched in November 2014. eMedical for INZ has now been extended to 129 countries. A total of 6000 eMedical clinical users are being supported through INZ’s eMedical platform. INZ is now processing 80 per cent of health cases for offshore visa applicants through the electronic platform.

Stage three was delivered on 31 March 2015 and saw the enabling of eMedical in New Zealand alongside the establishment of an onshore panel physician network. Onshore, eMedical is expected to replace 100 per cent of medical certificates

What visa types and other services are next?

Apply online for Work visas and Visitor visas will go live mid-June 2015. At the same time, a Chinese language Visitor visa form and Apply on Behalf and assist capability for immigration advisors, education agents, education providers and employers will be launched alongside. Apply on behalf will also be added to ONLINE-Student.

When enabled:

* Advisers will login to their Immigration online account via RealMe

* There they will be able to launch a new application – Student, Work or Visitor

* They will complete the application in much the same way as any applicant

* At the “Apply on Behalf / Assist” page they will be prompted to enter identifying information about themselves and their role in relation to the application

* Advisors will also need to upload an authority to act and a declaration signed by their client

* They will be able to view submitted applications from their account and to upload additional documents.

What services will be available later this year?

The first tranche of passport free applications and label-less visas will be delivered in 2015 in conjunction with Immigration ONLINE – work and visitor visa applications.

Further use of eVisas (label-less visas) will remove the need for many applicants to submit passports. After the June 14 rollout of eVisa onshore for Work and Visitor visa applicants from visa-waiver countries, we will be progressively expanding their use during 2015.


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