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Changes to Employment Law coming into effect soon

Changes to employment law were made last week with the passing of a new bill,  the Employment Relations Amendment Bill 2018,  expected to come into effect some time this week. The Act restores protections for employees that were in effect before 2015,  and strengthens...

Immigration controls to dampen house prices

Labour may look at controlling immigration as a way to affect housing demand and general price inflation. In the small print of Labour's monetary policy documents, the party says "there may be a case for varying inward migration and/or work permits in a...

Recent changes to immigration instructions – full

On 29 July 2014 Immigration New Zealand issued new Amendment Circular, which contains a large range of updates to immigration instructions. Most of these changes come into effect from 25 August 2014, however three of them come into effect earlier, listed below

Declined Visa? Unlawful in New Zealand? You still have some options!

A person onshore applying for a further temporary or residence class visa must hold a current temporary or resident visa. In most situations, a person actually becomes unlawful the day after the day their visa expires. We created a chart for your better understanding...