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Did you know that you can claim residence points even if your qualification or experience are not directly relevant to the current job/job offer? Yes, this is possible. Residence instructions do not require your previous experience or your diploma to be directly relevant to your current role as long as you can still qualify as skilled migrant.


If your degree is not a direct match with current job – this is not an issue for the points. You can still claim your degree, provided that you can show the work experience required for the role.

For example:

Andy has a Law degree but has never worked as a lawyer. He has 5+ years of work experience as Web Developer and currently works in this role. In this case Andy may claim 50 points for his qualification (Bachelor Degree) and still qualify as a skilled migrant as he has over 5 years of experience which is a requirement to substitute an IT qualification for a Web Developer.

Therefore, a non-related Law degree will get 50 points to Andy and he will now qualify for residence. If he did not claim points for his LLB he would have needed to wait for about 5 more years to become a resident.



The same may apply to your previous experience. Let’s assume that Maggie has spent last 2 years working as Restaurant Manager and has 8 years of work experience as Database Administrator. She has a Diploma in Hospitality and her current job is a Restaurant manager.

In this case Maggie will be able to claim 2 years work experience as a Restaurant Manager (post-qualification) and 3 years of work experience as Database Administrator.

The two years as a Manager can be claimed because Maggie has a relevant degree in Hospitality which is relevant to Restaurant Management and her experience was gained after graduation (please note – if Maggie had experience prior to her degree in Hospitality it would not have qualified for points).

The 3 years as Database Administrator can be claimed even though Maggie does not have an IT qualification. Immigration instructions say that any qualification may be substituted by experience (this would, of course, not apply to licenced professions where a person needs to have a certain degree to practice – ie Lawyers, Engineers, Doctors, Nurses, etc) and 5 years is enough to ‘qualify’ Maggie as skilled Database Administrator.

Therefore, Maggie can claim points for two different work experiences which were skilled.


We are sure many of you will find this information handy as points calculation may be challenging. If you needed tailored advise – please contact us and we will help you to create a unique immigration plan.


Kind regards,

Immigration Centre Team