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As a part of their residency requirements, some migrants are required to pay English language tuition fees to Immigration New Zealand (a part of the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment) before arriving in New Zealand.

If you have done this, your money is in an account and ready for you to use once you’ve arrived in New Zealand. This account is used to pay your student fees when you enrol in English language courses at an approved course provider. You can choose which approved provider you want to study at and which English language courses you want to take. Your student fees will be the same amount as the student fees for other New Zealand citizens.

When you enrol in a course at an approved provider (English For Migrants in New Zealand), TEC pays your student fees direct to that organisation. Your pre-paid fees must be used within five years of the date you paid the money to Immigration New Zealand.

You do not need to take out a student loan to pay your student fees, as your student fees are paid out of your pre-paid fees account. However, you may be able to get a student allowance and a student loan for course-related costs and living costs. Contact Studylink for more details.

English language courses are run all over New Zealand. When you are ready to enrol in an English language course, please call 0800 601 301 to find out how to start your studies.

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How to select a school for your English Tuition

  • Choose a school you will find easy to get to.
  • Choose a course that best meets your needs. You may ring the Tertiary Education Commission (TEC) toll free Help Line 0800 601 301 to discuss any queries with an English for Migrants Advisor.
  • Feel free to contact the school to find out more about their courses. Contact details are available in this directory. You may also visit the school to help make your decision.

Enrolling on a course

  • Bring your copy of your Agreement/Schedule along with the receipt to the school to show you have pre-paid for your tuition.
  • When you enrol for a course, you will be asked to sign a Tertiary Education Commission Enrolment Form (provided by the school) to give your consent for the TEC to pay for your course fees.
  • Please check the course name and the amount of the fees before you sign the form. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the free helpline on 0800 601 301
  • All prices are GST inclusive.

Refund & Withdrawal Policy

  • You will be able to attend the school for up to 10 working days before the school will invoice the TEC. Should you not wish to continue the course, inform the TEC on the above helpline. After this the school’s own refund policy will apply. Please ask the school for more information.
  • If a refund is issued by the school, on your behalf, this will be sent to the Tertiary Education Commission and the money will be returned to your English for Migrant account.

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