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If you would like to hire a migrant in New Zealand

How to hire a migrant?

Your employees would normally apply for visas themselves. However, there are still a few documents you would need to arrange to ensure that visas are approved. Most employers need to advertise a position on internet and elsewhere, to ensure they can demonstrate genuine attempts to hire migrants. If you’ve made all possible attempts to recruit New Zealanders to fill a position and you haven’t been able to find anyone, you may then be able to support an overseas worker’s visa application. There are exceptions from the rule above:
  • the work is in an occupation on one of essential skills in demand lists and your candidate has the qualifications and/or work experienced listed for that occupation
  • your candidate is already working in the role and has recently applied or been invited to apply for residence under our Skilled Migrant Category
Does this sound too complicated? Do not worry, we are here to help.

Is New Zealand’s tighter-than-tight employment market making you desperate?

Recruiting foreign personnel is a key way to fill your vital positions for professional, high-tech, skilled or unskilled staff. Although eligibility rules and procedures are complicated, we can help. With proper guidance and assistance you can successfully hire a migrant and get a visa/residence application approved.

Migrants have skills which are in short supply

Sound work ethic and commitment

Great motivation and willingness to work

Improved cultural diversity

Let’s Do Business Together

How can we help?

Attracting, recruiting and employing candidates from overseas doesn’t have to be difficult. Here at Immigration Centre we deal with these issues on a daily basis, both on behalf of clients and employers. If you have a staff member that requires immigration assistance or would simply like to know more about the possibilities of hiring overseas applicants we would be happy to discuss it with you.