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The recent  controversy surrounding rapper Chris Brown has brought to light the importance of ‘character’ to visa applications. If you want to come to New Zealand – or stay here, you need to be considered of “Good Character”. That means if you have got offences or served a prison sentence, you may not be eligible for a visa. People who have come to New Zealand from visa waiver / visa on arrival countries – have been deported from the airport on character grounds. Not all offences are equal, violence and dishonesty based offences are considered more serious. Also if you have ever been excluded from another country for any reason it could effect your NZ visa. There are some situations where your adviser can make a request for a “character waiver” to get around this issue. So if in doubt about your shady past or if you have recently had a conviction or declined visa, make sure to speak with us as soon as possible.


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– Herald

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