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In order to provide a legitimate means for Entrepreneur applicants to remain lawfully in New Zealand while their residence application is assessed, a provision will be added to the Specific Purpose or Events instructions allowing a temporary work visa valid for up to nine months to be granted to Entrepreneur applicants who wish to continue to operate their business while the Entrepreneur Residence application is decided. Partners and dependent children will be eligible for matching visas under generic instructions.
The opportunity has also been taken to make a number of minor amendments to Specific Purpose or Event Instructions:
• clarify that although the maximum visa duration for sports players is 12 months, visas should only be granted for the duration of the job offer,
• include a cross reference to the generic requirements for job offers to make clear that job offers under specific purpose must meet standard requirements, such as being genuine and sustainable, and include information such as a description of duties, qualifications required and pay and conditions,
• align the currency of work visas that principal applicants under the Migrant Investment Instructions can be granted with what is described in the investor instructions
• align the currency of work visas for installers and servicers of machinery with New Zealand’s commitments under the General Agreement on Trade in Services.

Kind regards,

Jig Patel | Director | Immigration Centre