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Changes to residence and temporary entry instructions effective on and after 24 May 2016

Long Term Skill Shortage List (Appendix 4)
Update note to clarify that an International Qualification Assessment (IQA) is one of the acceptable methods of determining comparability of qualifications listed on the Long Term Skill Shortage List with New Zealand qualifications.
Changes to residence and temporary entry instructions effective on and after 27 June 2016

List of Qualifications Exempt from Assessment (Appendix 3)

The following country lists have been updated:
 Canada (Academic Qualifications)
 France (Academic Qualifications)
 Germany (Craft and Trade Qualifications)
 Hong Kong (Academic Qualifications)
 India (Academic Qualifications)
 Indonesia (Academic Qualifications)
 Iran (Academic Qualifications)
 Ireland (Academic Qualifications)
 Ireland (Craft and Trade Qualifications)
 Ireland (Technical Craft Related Qualifications)
 Italy (Academic Qualifications)
 Japan (Academic Qualifications)
 Malaysia (Academic Qualifications)
 Netherlands (Academic Qualifications)
 People’s Republic of China (Academic Qualifications)
 Singapore (Academic Qualifications)
 South Pacific (Academic Qualifications)
 Thailand (Academic Qualifications)
 United States of America (Academic Qualifications)

Russia and Zimbabwe lists (Appendix 3) rescinded
The Russian and Zimbabwe lists have been rescinded. Holders of qualifications from Russia or Zimbabwe will be required to obtain an individual New Zealand Qualification Authority assessment of their qualification in every case.

Germany Exceptions list (Appendix 8) rescinded
The Germany Exceptions list has been rescinded and the qualifications moved to the German Craft and Trade list (Appendix 3). These qualifications are now considered to be at Level 4 of the New Zealand Qualifications Framework.
See more on INZ website.

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Director | Immigration Centre