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Applications For Residence Class Visas
These instructions will be amended to remove reference to United Nations Sanctions (Iran) Regulations 2010 reg 25 and replaced with reference to United Nations (Iran—Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action) Regulations 2016 reg 32 which came into force on 19 February 2016. The new regulations give effect to resolution 2231 (2015) of the Security Council of the United Nations.

Miscellaneous changes
A number of minor amendments correct or clarify immigration instructions, as follows:
• Add children of New Zealand citizens to the list of primary and secondary school domestic students who must hold a visa with study conditions, to align with the Education (Domestic Student) Notice 2013,
• Correct cross-referencing and grammatical errors within BJ8.10 Resident visas subject to conditions under section 49(1) of the Immigration Act,
• Align instructions for dependent children within the Refugee Quota Family Reunification Category with the generic instructions at R2.1.30 Definition of ‘dependent child’,
• Correct an error within BB2.1 Entrepreneur Work Visas where outdated instructions were inadvertently recertified during the 7 December 2015 release, and also correct a spelling error,
• Remove a reference to the revoked Immigration (Visa, Entry Permission, and Related Matters) Regulations 2010 reg 12 within A5.5 Character checks,
• Update instructions under WK3 Applicants with specialist skills identified as contributing to New Zealand’s economic development to refer to the correct ministriesor groups
• Correct a cross-referencing error at F4.40.25.1(a) with reference to the minimum income requirement for Parent Category sponsors.
• Correct an error at S4.20.5(c) with reference to R2.1.30 Definition of ‘dependent child’

Changes to both residence and temporary instructions effective on and after 11 April 2016 are also available on INZ website.

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Jig Patel | Director | Immigration Centre