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Business Opportunities With Immigration Centre

If you are already in travel or immigration consultancy industry outside of New Zealand and wish to be associated with our firm, please e-mail us your profile to discuss possible collaborations!

We are open to deal with travel agencies, student recruitment companies, law firms and immigration-related businesses in order to provide quality immigration advise to people from overseas.

Immigration Centre specialise in handling applications for permanent residence, primarily for skilled workers/professionals and investors. Our company offers good commission, provided that the representatives act as a liaison between our organization and the client.

If there is a question you cannot answer, we are here to deal with complex issues.

There are three types of business arrangements we have with our representatives:

Referral Representative

This representative works on a referral fee basis to promote our service without establishing an office.

Full time representative

This representative works on a full time basis for us and also operates a full time office to promote our services.

Part time Representative

This representative works on a part time basis with their existing activity to promote our services.

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