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Many migrants have successfully settled and achieved residence visas in New Zealand through the business or entrepreneur approach. Migrants are a particularly innovative and entrepreneurial sector of society and are often highly successful in business due to their determination to succeed and hard work.

“If you are honest and hardworking then you will get far”

One such success story is Tarun Bhasin who came to New Zealand with nothing and went on to build a fast-food empire as owner of three Subway franchise stores in Wellington. We hope this story will inspire others to work towards such a goal and may even give you some useful tips about how to get there.

Venturing to New Zealand in 2003 from the Indian town of Chandigarh, Tarun left his wife and children back home for six months in order to explore, settle in New Zealand. Tarun ventured through the streets on Auckland, C.V in hand, eventually landing a position as a grocery store assistant lifting boxes and replenishing stock – not exactly his dream job. After one year of this physical work the family drifted south to Christchurch where Tarun dabbled in sales and real estate for three years, but still couldn’t grasp a job that suited him.

Finally Tarun breezed in to Wellington, determined to get his family settled in a secure environment and finally call somewhere home. It was through the advice of a friend that Tarun eventually started looking into the franchise businesses, independently buying his first subway in 2010. With the support of his family and the trust of his bank manager, Tarun was able to achieve his goal of expanding his ownership to at least one more subway and eventually bringing the count up to three.

Aside from poor timing of his residence application, the Immigration process was smooth. Due to the workload at the time of applying it took nine months for his application to be approved. Tarun still considers New Zealand home but now has the freedom to visit his home country with his family, and does not regret his decision to come here. Tarun is now looking to expand his subway ownership empire even further.

Although success was not immediate, patience, perseverance and hard work helped Tarun achieve his business goals. The future now looks bright for Tarun and perhaps most importantly for his children who will have all the opportunities they could hope for in New Zealand.

Tarun’s Tips for success:

  • Patience
  • Hard work
  • Honesty


Kind regards,

Jig Patel

Immigration Adviser