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Immigration New Zealand have just launched the new ‘pathway’ student visa which allows officers to issue a single Student Visa which can last for the entire duration of the students studies in New Zealand (up to 5 years.)

This will be a big change to the current student visa process which requires students to renew their visas every year. The new visa is only available through 500 authorised education providers but should include most major language and training institutions. 

Applicants will need to outline a Plan of Study or ‘Pathway’ which can be made up of a number of courses either at the same school or different schools. Students will need an offer of place from each of the courses in this pathway and will need to meet academic and attendance standards along the way. Students will still need to show that they have sufficient funds to support themselves in their first year of study. Work rights will be granted for the entire pathway if applicants qualify. 

The big difference is that the institutions will be enforcing these standards now rather than Immigration New Zealand.

Example ‘Study Pathway’

Year 1 English Language (IELTS) @ Private language Institute
Year 2 Level 4 ‘Diploma in Business’ @ polytechnic
Year 3 Level 5 ‘Diploma in Business’ @ polytechnic
Year 4 Level 6 ‘ bachelor in Business Studies year 1’ @ University
Year 5 Level 6 ‘ bachelor in Business Studies year 2’ @ University


How we can help?

Immigration Centre has already taken the approach of working with our clients to identify long term plans which include ‘pathways’ of study and employment which will lead to successful immigration outcomes.

Under this new system it is now even more important than ever before to make sure that you get your plan right from the beginning. You do not want to choose a 5 year pathway only to discover at the end that it did not lead you closer to getting residence in New Zealand.

We are experts at working with migrants to identify study and career pathways that are foolproof and get you to your end goal.

Call us today to start mapping out your future!

Jig and the team at Immigration Centre