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Yana Gild

Legal Officer | Immigration Centre

Canada, United States, Australia; New Zealand had a fair bit of competition when it came to Yana Gild but eventually our beauty, our ‘middle of no-where’ location and the general magic that is the North and South Islands brought the determined Yana to our shores.

Immigrating to New Zealand was a breeze for Yana. Deciding that she wouldn’t be much of a lawyer if she didn’t understand the basic laws surrounding immigration, it was principle for her to undertake her own immigration process going through learning all the instructions and legislation. Not realising that learning these would benefit her in her career later on.

For Yana law is a means to help others through the ‘power of words’, to use her knowledge and use law to better people, to push people and to help people. To be able to apply and interpret the law in order to serve people is exciting for Yana. Her goal is to continue to push herself and achieve, to become a solicitor and barrister, and ultimately get her PhD. Having already dedicated six years to her studies she does not mind spending the extra three years cementing it all as the kiwi-fruit icing on the Russian fudge cake.

Following her studies she found a position at the Immigration Centre. Having already worked as a lawyer representing clients, she was eager to start applying her skills in New Zealand. Working at the Immigration centre has given Yana a new view on employment life as she has discovered the connections between employer and employee. The team at the Immigration Centre have become her family, with their great company culture, coffees and Friday lunches- it’s always a laugh.

Yana has settled comfortably into Kiwi living and looks forward to developing her future here with her husband. Using her knowledge and passion in the Immigration centre, she has proved her desire to help those in need and it doesn’t stop there. With her perfectionist nature and on-going drive to do better and complete her goals, her road to a PhD in law is just around the corner. Yana Gild is a force to be reckoned with as she continuously puts her mind and soul into the legal world. This Russian-Kiwi lawyer is here to stay and here to provide.

Legal Officer | LLB (hons), LLM