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Describing herself as energetic and approachable, Sonali Ravindra is a dedicated legal professional within the immigration field and manager of our Auckland branch.  A classical dancer, born and raised in Fiji, she dreamt of pursuing a career abroad in her youth.  This dream (combined with a love for both foreign cuisine and travel in general) led her to New Zealand in 2008, where she undertook her legal studies with the highly-acclaimed University of Waikato.

Sonali graduated in 2012 and was enrolled as a barrister/solicitor that same year.  After initially utilising her talents in a law firm in 2013, her passion for families and a growing interest to address the challenges facing immigrants in New Zealand led her to focus her energies on immigration law.  Sonali returned to her studies in 2014, obtaining her provisional immigration adviser’s license in 2015, and she is currently scheduled to complete her immigration adviser course from BOP polytechnic in June 2016.

Just as she has never been afraid to work hard to achieve her own dreams, Sonali has now dedicates her strength to helping others face the complex challenges of immigration and advocating on their behalf as part of the IC team.

Sonali Ravindra | Immigration Adviser