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Bhawna Dabla | Immigration Adviser

Licensed immigration adviser Bhawna Dabla was born in Shimla, India and raised in the beautiful city of Chandigarh.  She has been engaged in providing immigration services for more than 2 years, specialising in temporary visas, resident visa applications (Family – Parent/Partner, Skilled Migrant Category applications and Business visas.  Bhawna has helped people from countries located around the world, including Fiji, India, Cambodia, Sri Lanka and Pakistan.  Fluent in English, Hindi and Punjabi, she enjoys using her multilingual communication skills to assist clients with their immigration needs.

As an immigrant herself, Bhawna fully understands the challenges faced by those coming to New Zealand from overseas.  With a number of formal qualifications to her credit (including a Masters in Forensic Science), she strives to successfully fuse her own personal experiences with her extensive educational background to insure that her clientele receives world class service.

Bhawna has spent her life challenging herself to overcome obstacles.  From paragliding to river rafting, her adventurous spirit has provided her with numerous opportunities to achieve success and truly experience life.  In her leisure time, she can be found sketching at the beach or watching drama and suspense movies.  A devoted fan of Indian and Thai cuisine, she is ever-watchful for the best curry restaurant in Auckland.  Dedicated to her career and family, Bhawna loves working in the immigration field as it gives her the opportunity to help others find happiness.